Saturday, February 25, 2017

Here's Another Iranian Who Won't be Attending the Oscars

Zeinab Sekaanvand

Asghar Farhadi, the Iranian director of "The Salesman" - nominated for an Oscar in the best foreign-language film category - won't be attending the Oscar ceremony. He decided not to come to the United States in order to protest President Donald Trump's executive order on travel. And along with the five other director nominees, he decried the growing "climate of fanaticism" in the United States. For this, he has won more international plaudits, adding to his fame and mystique as perhaps Iran's best known film director.

Here's another Iranian who won't be attending the Oscars:

Her name is Zeinab Sekaanvand and she is scheduled to be hanged.

A child bride, she was convicted of stabbing her husband to death.

She claimed he beat and abused her, that her complaints to the police were ignored, that her husband rejected her requests for divorce and that she was subsequently disowned by her conservative family.

After being arrested she was tortured by police officers. She confessed to the killing without benefit of a lawyer.

Later, she retracted her confession and claimed that her husband's brother had committed the crime, asking her to take the blame for it and promising to pardon her for it if she did - a practice permissible under Iranian law.

While on death row, Sekaanvand married a fellow prisoner and became pregnant. After her cellmate was taken away for execution, her baby was stillborn, apparently having died from shock.

Zeinab Sekaanvand's case has become somewhat of a cause celebre in the international human rights community. That might save her, although judging from recent history, it probably won't.

Iran now leads the world in executions per capita. One thousand people were executed last year. Since the 1979 Revolution tens of thousands have been executed, many thousands of them political opponents, religious minorities or people running afoul of sharia law penalties for adultery, homosexuality, blasphemy and so on.

It is estimated that 70 women have been stoned to death. They won't be attending the Oscars.

4,000 homosexuals have been killed, in many cases publicly hanged. They won't be attending the Oscars.

5,000 political prisoners - mainly leftists and communists - were executed in a five month period during 1988, a ferocious and massive purge which the government still denies ever existed. They won't be attending the Oscars.

200 Bahais have been killed. They won't be attending.

Many jews, scientists and government officials have been convicted of "espionage" and executed after dubious trials. They won't be attending either.

But I want to return to Asghar Farhadi. Here he is posing with the Oscar for best Foreign Film in 2012.

Farhadi is a sort of "hip" director. You can read long intellectual analyses of his work in cinema journals. Some of his films have been interpreted as veiled criticisms of Iranian government or society, but he also appears to have enough support within government circles to have furthered and protected his career and person.

He has become wealthy and famous, and he travels abroad regularly, hobnobbing with the likes of Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem.

Other Iranian directors have been jailed or been banned from filmmaking due to alleged dissident activities.

But Asghar Farhadi has always kept his nose clean. As far as I know, he has never explicitly condemned his country's human rights record nor lobbied for those imprisoned or on death row.

The name Zeinab Sekaanvand has never publicly passed his well-coiffed lips.

When Sekaanvand is hanged, what suit will he be wearing?

Friday, February 24, 2017

Austrian Woman Denies Holocaust on Facebook. Police then Search Her House and Find Nazi Slogan affixed to Her Toilet. She is Fined $1,280 and Given a Suspended Sentence. However, Police Don't Release Her Name Due to the Country's Privacy Laws.

"Excuse me, can we use your bathroom?"

Mahound's Paradise is not in favor of Holocaust denial.

We think it's ignorant, irrational and potentially hateful - if that term still has any meaning after years of abuse by the left.

But we also believe it's silly and dangerous to make it illegal.

Germany and Austria had a legitimate reason to censor pro-Nazi sentiments after the war, but that time has long past.

And of course, against the background of the Islamification of Europe, where a raid on literally any mosque would turn up nasty anti-semitic literature, and where Jews are being driven out of their neighborhoods not by Nazis but Muslims - who have in practice been enthusiastically invited in by European governments - prosecuting a naive, non-violent 53-year-old German woman for "pro-Nazi" sympathies is pretty misdirected and sick.

But what got me, of course, was the clincher: after the police search her house and charge her for a small sign displayed on her own toilet, they then do not release her name due to privacy laws.

From the Jewish Press, February 20:
Austrian Woman Fined for Denying Holocaust in Bathroom
A court in Feldkirch, Austria, on Friday fined a woman $1,280 and gave her a suspended jail sentence for calling the Holocaust “lies” and placing a pro-Nazi sign above her toilet, AP reported. The woman accused of “spreading lies” a German soccer club that commemorated the victims of Auschwitz on its Facebook page. Police then searched her house and discovered the sign in her toilet. However, according to AP, because of Austria’s privacy laws police did not release her name.
And here is the story in The Local:
'Hitlerine' who denied Holocaust given suspended jail sentence
A woman who denied that the Holocaust took place and displayed a sign over her toilet saying “This Hitlerine needs a clean latrine” has been found guilty of breaking Austria’s anti-Nazi law and given a seven month suspended jail sentence.
A court in the western city of Feldkirch in Vorarlberg also handed the 53-year-old a €1,200 fine.
The woman was charged after she criticized a Facebook posting made by a German football club commemorating the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp and paying homage to the victims. In a response, she accused the club of “spreading lies”.
An anonymous internet user tipped off the police, who searched the woman’s house and found the sign in the toilet.
It is illegal in Austria to praise the Nazi era or to deny its crimes.
The woman’s lawyer described her as a “simple housewife” who had never heard of Austria’s Prohibition Act.
The woman, who has not been named, said she regretted the comments she made online, and that she had been misinformed about the Holocaust after watching a TV documentary. She added that the sign in the toilet was “just a joke”.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Strange, Imaginary World of TradCatKnight

TradCatKnight is insane.

I'm not saying that based on his views or positions per se.

I'm not even sure what his views really are, beyond some variation on traditionalist Catholicism. Nor do I care.

Rather, I'm referring to the fact that he's constructed an imaginary social media world for himself based on fake friends, followers, subscribers, page views, likes and comments.

He incessantly bills himself as the "most popular traditional Catholic social media site on the web." This is partly "true," I guess, in so far as it's based on certain automatic rankings and metrics. But those are in turn based on the fact that he's purchased the likes, etc. from sites that sell them.

Yeah, you can actually do that, and it's much cheaper than you would think.

The video below highlights the scam in detail. The video has been out for a while but was just reposted by the blog CallMeJorge. Also, Frank Walker of Canon212 just referred to it, as well as revealing that TradCatKnight had just subjected him to an assault of threatening emails.

99% of TradCatKnight's social media interactions are fake. You can easily verify this for yourself by going to his Facebook page.

Check out, for example, his Facebook post headlined "TradCatKnight: Latest Endtime Videos (May 28th, 2016)." It has 479 likes (or hearts or shocked faces, etc.), but only 1 share and 2 comments.

Don't you think that's a bit odd?

Now, look at the likes. Many of the "people" have no profile pictures and have similar sounding names - "Donna Taylor," "Sharon Taylor" and "Helen Taylor" in rapid succession. These follow a bunch of thin accounts from third-world countries that appear to have no links to Catholicism whatsoever.

You'd think the "click farms" could do better than that. I mean, come on, $10 for 1,000 fake likes only buys you Taylors?

This sort of pattern is repeated across all of his social media platforms, such as for example, Twitter, where he supposedly has 302k followers.


It's absolutely indisputable what is happening.

Okay, so what does TradCatKnight get out of this?

Well, he's constantly soliciting donations. But to be honest, he appears to have so few actual followers, I can't imagine he raises much money from them.

If I had ten real followers but lied to them that I really had a million followers, I assume that still wouldn't help me very much.

The one thing TradCatKnight has done is to lure (based on his pumped up popularity) a number of well-known and respectable Catholics to participate in his podcasts. To be fair, some of those podcasts are informative and worthwhile, as one might imagine they would be since they are, after all, interviews with well-known and respectable Catholics.

TradCatKnight has also used his "fame" to get himself on a number of other radio shows and podcasts.

Here's one with David Duke.

Sorry, that was a low blow.

But other than that, as far as I can tell, TradCatKnight seems to have channeled whatever small amount of donations he gets into buying more fake followers.

So, he's not a fraudster per se, at least if you define "fraudster" as someone who actually makes money.

Rather, he has constructed an imaginary social media empire for himself in his own mind.

Now, obviously, he has harmed some people - the Catholics who have wasted their time on his shows and the (probably very few) Catholics who have donated to his "apostolate."

But on the main, it's a castle built on air. He can brag about his castle, sure. But there are very few real people listening to hear that brag.

So, one might ask, what's the point?

There is no point. TradCatKnight is insane.

The video, above, claims that he's doing the work of Satan. With respect, I think that's over the top. Or maybe there are other things going on that I'm not aware of.

What I do know is that TradCatKnight is an obviously intelligent man who may very well be a faithful Catholic. But somewhere along the way, he lost it.

It happens, I guess.

Hey, I gained two (two!) Twitter followers, yesterday, and it didn't cost me a cent.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Borgia Pope

I'm the cat with the bass and drum. Going 'round like bom, bom, bom!

Today, internet checking Catholics awoke to a snapshot of two-scantily clad "cat woman" dancers doing a sexy split in front of Pope Francis.

That was curious enough. But one really had to watch the full 2:27 minute video of today's papal performance of the Rony Roller Circus to take in the full bizarreness of the scene.

What's grooving? I'm moving. I like your style of womping.

Mundabor nailed it:
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how the Evil Clown “celebrates” the Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter.
Please observe:
  1. The people, or actually the almost total absence of them. The Romans have more sensus catholicus than this old, lewd idiot.
  2. The nudity and revealing outfits, and the moves of the young women.
  3. The music. Again, this is the feast of the chair of Saint Peter. Please, Lord, make the man die soon.
  4. The prelates. Embarrassed and embarrassing. I think they were thinking point 3 above.
  5. The old creep wants to kiss the little girl at the end. Someone call the police.
I want 16 pints of rum and then I go bom, bom!

Some of the Borgia popes were imperfect men. But myths have grown up around them that are probably false. For example, Alexander VI almost certainly did not preside over an orgy called "The Banquet of Chestnuts."

But one imagines that if he had, the ambience might have been a bit like this. No, no one actually had sex today in St. Peter's square (as far as I know). But the women did look like strippers, and they writhed and jiggled and lightly touched each other's bums (to which were affixed cat tails) to a pulsating disco beat.

Glowing up in the dark of the night. And so I go ooh, ah-ah-ah-ah!

And in full cheesy burlesque show fashion, just when the "excitement" was at its peak, the strippers yielded to a fat fire eater and a little girl twirling a hoop.

Through it all, the Pope appeared to me to be half-scowling, half-bored, sitting on his lonely throne, a jaded veteran of too many such performances. Maybe this time he'll like the cat theme, his two lieutenants, one on the right, one on the left, idly speculated.

I'm so cool and I'm so groovy. When I go bom, bom, bom!

And a captive row of twelve prelates nervously smiled, perhaps afraid the wrong body language would get them thrown into the papal dungeons.

Most of the people in the small audience laughed. A few looked like they were holding back tears.

I'm the cat with the bass and drum. Going 'round like bom, bom, bom!

Also, today, the Pope made a "tweet":
Jesus entrusted to Peter the keys to open the entrance to the kingdom of heaven, and not to close it.
That is open to multiple interpretations, I think, none of them very good.

Some took it as "pro-migrant."

I took it as: I, the heir of St. Peter, can do anything, including holding the doors of heaven open if I choose.

So don't cross me.

Bom, bom, bom.


MAHOUND FLASHBACK: Gaddafi and Berlusconi Together in Pictures

"It feels good to be a gangsta."
For the fun of it, I occasionally republish posts from the first twelve-months of this blog. I was fond of this one for the pictures (obviously).

Original publication date: April 18, 2015.

With Libya all but in the hands of ISIS, and Italy under sea-borne invasion by Muslims using Libya as a jumping off point (and they're now murdering Christian hangers-on in transit), I thought it would be appropriate to remember in images two former leaders from a more innocent time. It was only a few years ago...

"Damn! The casual look upstages me again!"
"Before I formally address the nude, could I please hold your hand?"
"You always look different!"
"You always look the same!"
"Is that Old Spice?"
"It IS Old Spice!"
"A potpourri gift basket from the Libyan people to the Italian people!"
"Is it permitted?"
"Of course, Orrence, you're one of us now!"
"I can't release my hand."
"I can't release my hand either. I think my joker of an assistant put superglue on the gun barrel."
"I want to introduce those of you at this pool party to my homeless uncle."
"No fair. The deal was I would dress up as Crockett and YOU would dress up as Tubbs."

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Anti-Milo "Pedophile" Hit Piece Was From Never Trump PAC

The left hates Milo Yiannopoulos. Many will do anything to stop him from writing and speaking, including using physical violence, as we saw recently in Berkeley.

I don't think anyone on the right hates Milo. A few do not like him. Some are uncomfortable with him. Many are skeptical or at least neutral.

However, there is a large contingent on the right that hates Donald Trump. Call them (as they like calling themselves), "principled conservatives."

A few days ago, some principled conservatives decided to get back at Donald Trump by trying to ruin the career of Milo Yiannopoulos.

That doesn't sound very principled or conservative, does it?

It doesn't even really make sense.

Or to put it more strongly: what sort of foul excuses for human beings would involve themselves in an effort as nasty and sick as that?

On Sunday a #NeverTrump website called the Reagan Battalion released shocking audio of Milo Yiannopolous allegedly promoting sex with 13 year-olds. The audio was a clip from a 3 hour long podcast interview Milo had in early 2016.
Obviously, the Reagan Battalion was out to get Milo.
And they did.
Around noon on Monday CPAC announced Milo would no longer be speaking at their conference this year. [And later that day, Simon & Schuster canceled Milo's upcoming book Dangerous, even though it had been trending at #1 on Amazon through pre-orders.]
The Reagan Battalion – a group that pretends to be conservative – then gloated at the news that they had helped end Milo’s career.
The Gateway Pundit goes on to identify Reagan Battalion as a Never Trump PAC that served wholly or in large part to promote the Quixotic anti-Trump candidacy of Evan McMullin.

And indeed, the "About" tab on their Facebook page yields this URL:

Here is Reagan Battalion's gloat:

The blurb is telling. They don't even explicitly mention the "pedophilia" allegations. Instead they accuse Yiannopoulos of making "anti-semitic and hateful comments," and "spreading hateful views." In the manner of the most illiberal SJW they praise free speech but then claim that "hate, racism and intolerance" should not be given a "platform."

They might as well have put on their leather and bashed Milo's head in with a metal pipe.

But the last sentence reveals that it wasn't really about Milo after all:
This incident is proof that thorough vetting is required by conservative entities before they decide to elevate and promise (sic) people as conservative standard bearers.
Gee, who do you think they're really talking about there?

They couldn't touch Trump. He won, after all. So in a kind of hissy fit, they decided to go after Milo in an attempt to prove their stupid point about Trump.

Somehow, I doubt Ronald Reagan would have thought very much of Reagan Battalion or their tactics.

And by tactics, I mean lynching people.

But then, maybe I don't understand principled conservatism.

Monday, February 20, 2017

BREAKING: Milo Yiannopoulos Disinvited from CPAC

Update (3:30 PST): Simon & Schuster just announced it was cancelling Yiannopoulos' upcoming book Dangerous. In addition, Breitbart is considering dismissing him as Technology Editor.

A few minutes ago, Matt Schlapp, Chairman of the American Conservative Union, announced on Twitter that the recent invitation to Milo Yiannopoulos to speak at the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) had been withdrawn. Schlapp explained that this was due to Yiannopoulos appearing to endorse pederasty in a podcast interview about a year ago. Yiannopoulos had recently issued a "clarification" of the interview on his Facebook page, but Schlapp dubbed this "insufficient."

A few hours earlier, CPAC had announced that President Donald Trump would be speaking at the conference.

WARNING: GRAPHIC. Here is the long original version of the podcast (some of he relevant remarks begin at about 1:01:30). Yiannopoulos' "clarification" is here.